Maternal & growthy Big Prairie natural-born,  fall ewe lambs.

2015 Fall Lamb Data 

35 Lambs Off Test

Wean age: 96 day avg.

​Wean Weight: 100 lb. avg.

Pre-Wean ADG: .91 lbs. avg.

ADJ 90 Day Weight: 113 lbs. avg.

Natural-born, fall ewe lambs now working in the Bennett flock in VA.

Big Prairie Replacement Ewes.  Keepers!

Big Prairie 523.  Natural-born, fall ram lamb who sold to Dalton Bennett of VA.  "EXACTLY what I like in a ram.  Lots of muscle and middle."  -Dalton Bennett.

Big Prairie Polypays like Hueber Feeds!

31 lambs off test

Wean Age:  117 day avg.

Wean Weight: 113.4 lbs. avg. 

Pre-Wean ADG: .87 lbs. avg.

ADJ 120 Day Weight: 130 lbs.

2014 Fall Lamb Data

2016 Fall Lamb Data

43 Lambs Off Test

Wean Age:  105 day avg.

Pre-Wean ADG: .80 lbs. avg.

ADJ 90 Day Weight: 93 lbs. avg.

Profit-Minded Sheep for Profit-Driven Producers  

Group of Big Prairie natural-born, fall ram lambs.

2017 Midwest Stud Ram Entries.  Sold to Foxwood Farms of VA.  Muscle & Maternal.