2021 NSIP Sale, naturally-conceived, fall ewe lambs that sold to Tim Kingsley, SD 

Brood ewes!

2022 Center of the Nation NSIP Sale spring ewe lambs.  Sold to CJ Monheiser, NE

Big Prairie Replacement Ewes.  Keepers!

Big Prairie Polypays like Hueber Feeds!

2021 NSIP Sale Entry.  Sold to Eli and Mackenzie Strawser, PA.

Growth & Maternal.

Profit-Minded Sheep for Profit-Driven Producers  

 Maternal & growthy Big Prairie ewes being bred for naturally-conceived, fall lambs.

2022 Center of the Nation NSIP Sale naturally-conceived, fall ram lamb that sold to Patrick Wood, IA

2023 Fall Lamb Data

32 Lambs Off Test

Pre-Wean ADG: .93 lbs. avg.

ADJ 90 Day Weight: 116.3 lbs. avg.

NSIP enrolled