Big Prairie naturally-conceived, fall ram lambs at the feeder.

Group of Big Prairie natural-born, fall ram lambs.

2021 Fall Lamb Data

32 Lambs Off Test

Pre-Wean ADG: .93 lbs. avg.

ADJ 90 Day Weight: 116.3 lbs. avg.

NSIP enrolled

 Maternal & growthy Big Prairie natural-born,  fall ewe lambs.

2021 NSIP Sale, naturally-conceived, fall ewe lambs that sold to Tim Kingsley, SD 

Brood ewes!

2021 NSIP Sale Entry.  Sold to Eli and Mackenzie Strawser, PA.

Growth & Maternal.

Big Prairie Replacement Ewes.  Keepers!

Profit-Minded Sheep for Profit-Driven Producers  

Big Prairie Polypays like Hueber Feeds!