Big Prairie 707

Son of Big Prairie 208.  A home-raised, naturally-conceived, Fall ram lamb that is correct in his design and productive.  Triplet born.

The Foundation: Our Ewes

Big Prairie 208  "Kid"

Son of Shady Lawn 735.  A naturally-conceived, Fall ram that produces structurally correct, maternal lambs with plenty of growth.  Triplet born.

Our family

Profit-Minded Sheep for Profit-Driven Producers  

Big Prairie Polypay Sires   Current Line-Up

Preserving our history

Univ. Of WI 19-475

A structurally correct ram with lots of growth and thickness.   NSIP Maternal Line Index of 115.


Purchased from Meinders Stock Farm, IA  A natural-born Fall ram that's phenotypically correct with a 114 Maternal Line Index

Big Prairie & Polypays

Our flock

We have an unwavering philosophy of building structurally correct, productive, durable, moderately-framed, brood ewes. Our success starts and ends with our females.

Big Prairie Polypays is located on the "Big Prairie" of northern Illinois. Our registered Polypay ewes graze on farms that have been in the family for 150 years.  Faith, family and farming matter most at Big Prairie Polypays.  We proudly support America's farmers and ranchers!

For six generations our family has been involved in the purebred livestock business.  My great-grandfather was a prominent breeder of Chester White hogs and Angus cattle.  My grandfather was part of the family livestock business, as well.  My father grew up raising purebred Poland China hogs, as did I. Twenty years ago, Polypay sheep became our family's passion.   As you can see, the purebred livestock business is in our blood.