Nice pen of Big Prairie fall ewe lambs.

Big Prairie 210.  2013 National Champion Polypay Ram.  Fall born triplet.  Sold to Meinders Stock Farm, IA.

09-4185.  A foundation ewe from the Univ. of Kentucky.  She's produced numerous replacement females in our flock and raised the 2013 National Champion ram.

A good representation of Big Prairie Polypay fall ewe lambs.  Structural correctness through and through.

Good example of Big Prairie fall ewe lambs.

Big Prairie 344.  2015 National Champion Polypay Ewe.  Sold to Meinders Stock Farm, IA.

Big Prairie ewes grazing on a quiet summer evening.

Stout Big Prairie natural-born, fall ram lambs.

Midwest Stud Ram entries from 2015.  Thickness and correctness.

Big Prairie 2015-2016 ewe lambs.

Big Prairie 535 & 536.  Both sold to producers in MN! Thanks to Coleman Bushlack and Caroline Sheffert for their investments in these natural-born fall ram lambs.

It all starts right here.  Big Prairie ewes are the foundation.

Big Prairie fall rams at 2016 Midwest Stud Ram Sale.

Big Prairie 326.  2015 Res. Champion Polypay Ram.  Sold to Meinders Stock Farm, IA.

Big Prairie 2016 natural-born, fall ram lambs.

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