Profit-Minded Sheep for Profit-Driven Producers  

Big Prairie Polypays will be consigning one spring-born ram lamb to the NSIP Online sale to be held July 12th, 2021 and we will also be consigning three naturally-conceived Fall ram lambs and three naturally-conceived Fall ewe lambs at the NSIP, Center of the Nation Sale on July 31st, 2021.  Both sales can be found at  Willoughby Sales (  All lambs will be structurally correct, productive and will have NSIP indexes.  Please take a look at the lambs on our Facebook page at Big Prairie Polypays!  Please give us a call if interested in high quality, performance-tested genetics.

Thank you!


Big Prairie will have an impressive group of naturally-conceived, fall-born ram and ewe lambs and spring-born ram and ewe lambs for sale next spring and summer. Lambs will be structurally correct, healthy, performance-tested and have excellent growth potential.   Please give us a call if interested. Thank You!