Our first priority is structural correctness and soundness.  Feet, legs, dimension, strong top-line and moderate frame are paramount when we design Big Prairie ewes and rams. 

"When we were in the market for Polypay ewe lambs, Mark educated us about the breed and delivered exactly what he promised; excellent quality and healthy stock.  Big Prairie is dedicated to their clients and the sheep industry."  

                                             Ed Hall, NJ

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Check us out on Facebook!  New data on naturally conceived fall ram and ewe lambs.  Let us know what you think.

Stock For Sale

Big Prairie Polypays currently has a nice selection of Spring Ram Lambs for sale.  Structurally correct and productive.  Thank you to all our buyers at the Center of the Nation Sale in Spencer, IA!  We had the second highest selling pen of ewe lambs at the sale.  More photos of Big Prairie Polypay genetics can be viewed on our Facebook page at Big Prairie Polypays.  Thank You!

Brood Ewes

Profit-Minded Sheep for Profit-Driven Producers  



Lambs & Lbs.


Our goal simple...produce breeding stock that is structurally correct, excels maternally and produces lambs with a high rate of gain.   Lambs and Lbs. equal profit and success.


Correct & Sound

Maternal & Growth

Recent Buyers! (Update)


Deerberg Family, IA - fall ewe lambs

Stephen Eicher, MI - fall ram lambs

Justin Roche, UT - fall ram lambs

​Pat O'Brien, IL -  spring ram lambs

Jim Schute, IL - mature ram 

​Bill Martin, VA - fall ram lambs

Hoiten Family, SD - fall ewe lambs

Nelson Farms, ND - fall ram lambs

Tom Bergman, IL - spring ram & ewe lambs

​Cody Radabaugh - spring ram lambs



For years we have collected actual data on our lambs.  Our focus is selecting lambs with excellent maternal capabilities and exceptional growth.  We are currently in our fourth year of submitting NSIP data to better calculate the genetic potential for our flock and our customers' flocks, as well. 

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Phenotype & Production

Whether you're looking for ram lambs or ewe lambs, please contact us for your breeding stock needs.  We specialize in producing natural- born fall lambs and also have winter lambs, as well.  Let us know how we can be of service!


Big Prairie Polypays is located near Ashton, Illinois.  We currently run 60 registered Polypay ewes and have marketed commercial breeding stock to 25 different states. Big Prairie Polypays started 15 years ago when our oldest daughter wanted to raise sheep for an FFA and 4-H project.  We originally purchased four ewes from Dr. Chet Palmer of Malta, Illinois.  Most of our stock goes back to the original ewes we bought from Dr. Palmer. Over the years we have enjoyed success, made many new friends and have thoroughly enjoyed raising Polypay genetics! Thanks again for visiting our site.  If we can be of service, please let us know. 

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 NSIP & Actual

Here at Big Prairie Polypays, we believe in the art of livestock selection and the implementation of technology.  Our philosophy is simple; breed Polypay sheep that are phenotypically correct and genetically sound.  We utilize technology in selection, but structural correctness is still a priority.  If a sheep can't deliver it's genetics because it's not sound or correct in its design, then it serves little purpose.  Big Prairie Polypay strives to be the intersection of phenotype and production as we build brood ewes.  As you search for genetics, please let us know if we can be of service.  We'd like to learn about your operation and share our passion for the sheep industry!